5 Things To Not Be “Alone” While Living The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

1.     Snapchat“The 10 Seconds of facetime your relationships crave”

This is one of my personal favorites. Unlike traditional social media, you only got 10 seconds to say something meaningful. You’ll learn quickly if what you got to say isn’t adding value because people will stop opening up your snaps. Take the next step and see how many people (Or future fans I call them), you can get to engage in a game. Ex; take a screenshot, or perform an action.

Snapchat groups are a great way to keep your personal and professional tribes separate. Snap a little video showing your college mates about a gray hair you spotted, or to your work group with your morning coffee mustache wishing them a safe drive to work.

Lastly, a great place to follow top influencers in your field and get an insiders look into what a day in the life is of your dream job! My favorite is Tai Lopez who became famous for reading a book a day and his smooth lifestyle entrepreneur style. Some way say a little arrogant, but you can’t make everybody love yah.


2.     Skype“Your Virtual Dinner Table”

This one is pure gold if you can pull it off. It takes a little bit getting used to looking at yourself in the camera, but maybe the extra bit of motivation you need to lose that couple pounds, or choose the apple over snickers.

Personally, I use this to catch up on family gossip over dinner in the U.S, Breakfast in China, or wherever the family is that day. I never miss those previous moments of my little nephew playing with his new train set, or mom giving dad a hard time about not putting the trim up in the living room yet.

This can also be a huge time saver and team building habit at work. Online chats are like talking to a robot. Sadly emoticons can only go so far in the workplace relationships. The transition from chat to facetime is difficult, but I suppose is an ok price to spend for living your days on the beaches of Costa Rica?


First is the handy screen sharing function on the desktop version. Got a new design you want to collaborate on in real-time, an excel file sales report to analyze, or a powerpoint to present? Second, there is something to be said about previous “Water Cooler Talk”. A friendly 60 second hello with a coworker just to hear how their day is going. Forget the bedhead or pimple, atleast they can’t smell your coffee breath.


3.     Stay at a Hostel“New friends over room service”

Feeling the need for some western culture, or any other culture for that matter? Every hostel I’ve been to is full of interesting guys and girls from all around the world. Did I mention cheap beer + a variety of knowledge and experiences typically speaking English. You never know when your next “Buck of Gold” could be coming your way.


At the very least you’ll be saving yourself $50 on rent for the night. Head on over to www.hostelworld.com to book one for your next trip

4.     Join Nomads List – “Your community of Nomad's around the world”

There is both a free and paid versions. If your a full time digital nomad, I'd highly suggest the paid version. You'll get invited to all the group Slack channels, and the business development opportunites and networks alone are worth your $79/month fee.

5.     Get yourself a Whatzit – “Hey what is that thing?”

A fanny pack, sunglass chains, goofy hat, rainbow scarf, or whatever it is something to let your personality shine and provoke a meaningful conversation past “How about this weather today?” Not to mention, something to make you feel a little special in the room. For me, it’s my fanny pack fully equipped with a small notebook (oh the things you can do with a blank piece of paper), business cards, harmonica, and a Go-Pro to encourage people to do fun stuff! Some may call it “My bag of tricks”, but I prefer my “lifestyle toolbox”.

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