Terms Of Service Overview

This is where most brands write the fine print that covers their ass when a dissatisfied customer comes along. In a perfect world, we would all buy and sell our services with big smiles and fat pockets. A tie always goes to the runner, but if it's not a tie, we are not afraid to FIRE some customers. In other words, take your refund and it would be appreciated if we went our separate ways after that.

We have three basic principles that we hope can guide you to a safe and secure shopping experience.

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30 DAYS! Heck, we don't care if you just bought a tent for 1 camping trip to the Rocky Mountains, and figured camping just wasn't for you. Send it back in a garbage bag (even though we appreciate the original box). Just contact one of our friendly customer support staff with your order number, or me directly at luke@livinwithluke.com

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Sometimes the warehouse guys have a late night of partying, but rest assured they will get you your package in a timely fashion. 90% of shipments will take 4-7 days for delivery. To save both your time and our teams, we do appreciate if you give us a heads up before your order if your delivery date is super tight. After all, we don't want to ruin any Christmas's or Birthdays!

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1 Year on all products. Please use your common sense when applying for the warranty (email support@livinwithluke.com with your order #). It is a gray area, again ties go to the runner, but our tribe also doesn't appreciate the parent in the crowd who complains about every call. YES, if you complain enough we will most likely offer a full warranty repair or replacement. But if your name comes up in our office "Customer Experience Examples" meeting once a month, and in a negative way more than once, there is a good chance we suspend your account,.